NAME:Commlite CM-ENF-E(1) Pro Nikon F Lens to Sony E AF Electronic Lens Mount Adaptor Version 06
PRICE: $3,113.00

* Suitable for Sony Lens Changeable Cameras to be used with Nikon F lens * Maintain of Auto Focus (AF) function *Aperture can still be aligned via this adapter. * Built in anti-shaking function * More robust and stronger due to zinc alloy core * Greatest conductivity due to gold-plated pins for the signal transmitting. Diameter 69mm / height 82mm including base

It allows Nikon F lenses to be used on the Sony A7, A6XXX and NEX series cameras. This adaptor supports AF, lens IS and on camera aperture adjustment. It is built with an extendable mechanism for macro photography, which also works with AF. The macro ability is useful for flowers, insects and close up photography. Product features: - Support Sony A9/A7/A7R/A7S/A6XXX/ cameras and VG camcorders* - Support EF/EF-S lenses manufactured by Canon, Sigma, Tokina and Tamron - Record EXIF data includes aperture, focal distance etc. - Support on camera aperture adjustment and mettering - Support lens IS - Extend approx. 4.5mm max. Distance can be adjust accordingly *VG series does not support AF. Newest ver05 Firmware. The following lens added: Nikon E, 200-500mm and 150-600mm etc.